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Which U.S. Business Immigration Visa You Need If You Are An Entrepreneur, Business Owner Or Investor

Those foreign nationals who want to start some business in the U.S need to know about the available visa options to them. Below are some popular visas options mentioned with the advantages and disadvantages of each that might be helpful in selecting the desired visa.

E-2 Investor Visa

Those businessmen who want to start the company in the U.S and want to direct the operations of, the E-2 visa option is for them. But this visa is a non-immigrant visa means that it will not lead to the green card. The immigrant must either buy or start a business to qualify for this visa and the investment amount depends on the business type that is planned to run. Let’s say if someone starts the consulting firm the then the investment amount can be as minimum as $50,000. But if someone starts the manufacturing plant, the required amount of investment would be higher. E-2 visa has the unlimited duration (as long as the business continue to run) and also allows the spouse and children of the investor to join them in the United States and the spouse can be authorized to work in any desired field.

EB-5 Immigrant Visa

The EB-5 visa the best option if someone has a large amount of wealth and is usually referred to like a million dollar Green Card. The main advantage of this visa is that the investors and their family get green cards but the substantial investment (could be $1m), extensive documentation is required in EB-5 visa, its law is a very expensive and complex legal area.

H-1B Visa

It’s a non-immigrant visa and permits the company to recruit the workers in the specialty occupations. The requirement of H-1B visa is that the foreign worker (beneficiary) have the Bachelor’s degree and the U.S. Company (petitioner) can hire the employs up to six years. The beneficiary and petitioner are usually the same people in case of the entrepreneur, business owner, or investor but for the business owner, this visa can be used to sponsor the employees also. This visa can be tricky for the business owners in case if the owner is also beneficiary because there are strict laws that state the whether or not the person who has the ownership interest in the business can sponsor themselves for the H-1B visa.


This visa allows the company to transfer the manager or an executive from one of the company’s affiliated foreign offices to one of its offices in the U.S. this also enables the foreign company which does not have the affiliated U.S. office yet to send the manager or executive to the U.S. with the aim of establishing the one. Those foreign investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to move to the U.S. or move their employees their use L-1 visa. The employer needs to qualify for L-1 classification with the following requirements:

  1. Having a qualifying relationship with the foreign company.
  2. Presently be or will be doing business as the employer in the United States and at least directly in one other country also for the stay duration of the beneficiary in the U.S as an L-1.

While difficult but not impossible to get one of these visas with the help of the qualified immigration specialist. If you are considering business immigration visa, contact Brodzki Jacobs & Brook for detailed information on these and other immigration visas.

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