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The United States government has made a number of visas available for people who wish to live and work in the country on a temporary basis. Some visas require a petition from the U.S. employer seeking a visa for a foreign worker. The “H” visa category is the most common temporary work visa. The H-IA visa is specifically for registered nurses, while the H-1B visa is for professionals employed in a wide variety of special occupations, and the H-2A visa is for agriculture workers.

Each variety of H visa requires proof of an employment opportunity within the United States. In addition, the potential employer must demonstrate that they will pay the foreign national a salary equivalent to employees who are U.S. citizens. There are a number of variations within the visa categories. It is wise to consult an Orlando immigration lawyer who can help you understand these different visas and how they may apply to your situation.


Though H visas are the most popular, there are many other options available for specific business and employment reasons. Our Orlando immigration lawyers can help you determine which option is best for goals and ensure that you get all the paperwork involved with that visa type filled out correctly.

The following may be the right fit for your employment needs:

  • B-1 visas: For business consulting, scientific / educational or conventions, and contract negotiations.
  • E-1 and E-2 visas: For nationals of countries who have a treaty of commerce and navigation with the U.S.
  • F-1 visas: For students who have been accepted into an SEVP-certified school.
  • H visas: For temporary workers with specialty occupations, seasonal work, or medial or academic trainees.
  • I visas: For journalism and media representatives.
  • J visas: For exchange visitors, such as students, professors, camp and counselors.
  • L visas: For intra-company transferees who have a high position, such as a manager or executive.
  • O visas: For foreign nationals with exemplary skills in the arts, sciences, or other field of talent.
  • P visas: For individual athletes and teams, as well as performers and entertainers.
  • Q visas: For participants in international cultural exchange programs.
  • R-1 visas: For religious workers coming into the U.S.
  • TN / NAFTA visas: For qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens entering for professional business activities.

In order to qualify for a specific visa, most applicants will need to meet strict standards and be able to prove their reason for travelling to the U.S. Have questions about any of the visas mentioned above or ready to start the application process? Let our qualified legal team provide the insight and guidance you need to make it through this crucial and often stressful time!


Whether you are seeking short-term employment in the United States or you are an employer in the U.S. looking to hire a foreign national, we are prepared to answer your questions and help you successfully navigate the American immigration system. With countless successes under our belts, we know how to provide trusted representation. At the Fisher Legal Group, we have the experience and legal familiarity necessary to guide you through the process of achieving your unique immigration goals.

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