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Not all divorce matters require litigation. In fact, some divorces are obtained without any litigation at all. Spouses who are in agreement about getting a divorce may be able to negotiate their own divorce agreement outside of the courtroom with the guidance of a certified divorce mediator. Mediation occurs when two spouses meet with a mediator outside of the courtroom and are guided through the process of drafting their own divorce agreement. The two parties can come to an agreement about child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal support, and property division.

Disagreement in any of these areas will require the matter to be taken to court. Even so, mediation for just one area of divorce can save a great deal of time and expenses. Court fees are costly and litigation can take much longer than mediation since you are subject to a busy court schedule. If you believe that you and your spouse can come to your own agreement for one or more areas of your divorce – or perhaps in every area – do not hesitate to speak with an Orlando divorce attorney to discuss your case.


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