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Family law matters are some of the most personal legal processes that a person can face. If you are facing divorce or any other legal issue that involves your family, you cannot afford to hire anything but the highest quality Orlando family law attorney. Your lawyer should be respectful and compassionate when working with you, yet experienced and aggressive in the courtroom so that the best results can be won. Anyone in need of an attorney can find exactly what they need at Fisher Legal Group.

Our firm is client oriented and results driven. We truly care for our clients and will go the extra mile to meet their needs. Our attorneys approach each case individually instead of using a formulated approach that cannot get the results that each individual client needs. We strongly believe that the best results are achieved through a collaborative effort, which is why we work together to maximize the outcome of each case. Anyone in need of outstanding counsel and representation in the area of family law should not hesitate to take part in a free initial consultation to learn how an attorney from our firm can handle their case.


Divorce is the main area of family law, which involves a number of other legal matters. Florida is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you or your spouse must simply prove that your marriage is irretrievably broken in order to obtain a divorce. The process is not a simple one, however, and can require litigation in order to fight for fair property division, child custody, child support, or paternity. Our attorneys are skilled in divorce litigation, but we can also help you obtain a divorce through mediation. This option is often faster and less costly, since you and your spouse draft your own agreement outside of the courtroom with help from a certified mediator. All that is necessary at that time is to bring your agreement before a judge to be entered.

If you have already obtained a divorce, you may still require a family law attorney to represent you in a case for adoption or guardianship. We can help you welcome a new child into your home. We can also help you obtain a modification of a divorce order in case you’ve experience a change in circumstance. For example, relocation for employment, health, or other important matters may not be possible due to child custody or visitation restrictions. Our firm can help you obtain a modification, or fight an unfair modification from being granted. Our lawyers can also fight for enforcement of support that is not being paid.


Waiting to hire a skilled family law attorney can only damage your case. The sooner you retain an attorney from Fisher Legal Group, the sooner we can get the results that you need. We have handled all types of cases, from the simplest to the most complex, with satisfactory results. No firm or attorney can promise the exact results that you need, but we do promise that your legal team will give its all when handling your case. We combine aggressive representation in court with understanding and respectful counsel for you.

Contact a family law attorney from Fisher Legal Group right away to discuss your case. Attorney Daniel Fisher hosts an hour-long radio show and is respected for his experience and legal knowledge. We make sure that each of our clients understands their case and how we can help, which is why we offer a free case evaluation. Retain an excellent divorce attorney today!

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