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The fact that racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal does not mean that it no longer occurs. Men and women in the workforce in Orlando continue to experience employment discrimination based on the fact of their race or color, despite the fact that such discrimination has been prohibited by federal law for nearly half a century. The major law on the subject of racial discrimination is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a watershed piece of legislation that was intended to shatter racial barriers in the workplace.

If you have reason to believe that you have suffered from any type of employment discrimination due to the fact that you belong to a certain racial or ethnic group, you can come to the Fisher Legal Group. The color of your skin should have absolutely no bearing on decisions concerning your employability, your pay, your benefits or your continued relationship with your employer. Our Orlando employment lawyers fight to achieve justice for individuals who have subjected to wrongful discrimination, and we are ready to take action on your case.


Title VII and other employment laws that address the issue of racial or color discrimination forbid a wide variety of different types of discriminatory practices. Your employer cannot legally consider your race in decisions having to do with hiring or firing, compensation, transfers, promotions, terminations and layoffs, fringe benefits, disability leave or any other condition of your employment.

If you have been discriminated against in relation to your race, we can represent you in a claim against your employer. Whenever possible, we seek to settle cases such as this out of court, but we will not hesitate to resort to litigation to fight for the compensation that you deserve. Contact us now for a free case evaluation to discuss the matter and learn whether you have grounds to sue.

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