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It is a common occurrence that an individual will find it to be more and more difficult to find new employment as he or she grows older. Employers are frequently hesitant to hire very young and inexperienced workers, but at the same time they will often avoid accepting the job application of an older worker. Companies looking for new employees want to strike a balance between experience and longevity, and therefore may make hiring and promotion decisions that prefer younger employees rather than workers who are reaching middle age or approaching the age of retirement. This, of course, prejudices the employment opportunities of older workers, and it can leave you personally struggling to forward your career or even to make ends meet.

Some of the people who come to the Fisher Legal Group for help with age discrimination claims want to explore their legal options when they believe that they have been denied employment based on the fact that they are not as young as many of the others who applied for the same job. Others are still holding down a job but have reason to suspect that they have been passed over for a promotion in favor of a younger colleague. Whatever the nature of your own situation, you can seek our help in pursuing an age discrimination claim, and our Orlando employment lawyers are ready to fight for you.


Employment discrimination based on the age of a worker is specifically prohibited by the terms of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA). This federal law forbids employers from making prejudicial employment decisions that would tend to constitute discrimination against workers who are age 40 years or older. Note that the ADEA does not provide legal protection for younger workers, so it is not possible to file a claim under this law if you believe that you have been denied employment for being too young.

The protections provided by the ADEA apply to matters of hiring, promotion, firing and benefits. It includes not only actions taken in person with specific employees or job applicants, but it also prohibits the use of discriminatory language in advertisements or notices for open employment positions, such as stating that the employer will only be hiring individuals younger than 40 years of age.


The compensation you could receive if you prevail in an ADEA claim can include reinstatement to your original position, if you were terminated, or payment of damages in the event that reinstatement would not be an acceptable outcome. You can also receive an award of back pay and perhaps an award of damage if it can be demonstrated that you were a victim of an intentional violation of the law. Find out how much your claim may be worth and begin working on a plan of action by contacting us now for a free case evaluation.

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