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Removal, the legal term for deportation, is the process by which the United
States government officially denies sanctuary to a non-citizen. If you
or someone close to you is in danger of being deported from the U.S.,
it is important that you act quickly to retain the help of an experienced
immigration attorney who can help protect you from the loss of your residency
status. As a law firm known for taking on tough cases that other firms
refuse, the Fisher Legal Group has been able to
successfully defend numerous clients from forced removal.

Over the years, the Fisher Legal Group has helped
thousands of clients with complex immigration matters. Now, our team is
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Grounds for Removal from the United States

There are numerous reasons and individual could face deportation from the
U.S. While not all of them are out of an immigrant’s control, many
people find themselves to be victims of their circumstances. That is why
our firm is here to fight for your right to stay in the country.

Here are some of the most common reasons that immigrants face removal from
the United States:

  • Felony conviction (drug crimes, theft, domestic violence, etc.)
  • Participating in terroristic actions or threats
  • Engaging in a fraudulent marriage to get a green card
  • Claiming to be a U.S. citizen on a student loan or other form
  • Illegally entering the United States
  • Staying in the country longer than your visa allows

We understand how scary, frustrating, and overwhelming this time may feel,
which is why we are always standing by, ready to help with every step
of the process. We will not back down from a tough fight or shy away from
tough prosecution! Get our legal team on your side today.

What should I do if I am facing deportation?

If you have been threatened with deportation, the first step will be the
receipt of a written notice to appear issued by Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE). This paperwork will contain the reason why you are
being considered for removal, as well as the date of your hearing. During
this hearing, the immigration judge will give you the opportunity to defend
yourself. You have the right to retain an attorney of your choosing to
act in your defense during this procedure.
There are some common defenses you can utilize to protect yourself from

  • Cancellation of the removal order
  • Request for asylum
  • Adjustment of status application
  • Waiver of inadmissibility
  • Waiver of deportability
  • Appealing the deportation order

With a seasoned immigration lawyer on your side, you can begin to craft
a defense that protects your future in the U.S. When you come to us, we
will review your case and the details surrounding your threat of deportation
in order to best prepare for your hearing. If you face
criminal charges or a pending investigation, or you have received a notice to appear from
ICE, don’t hesitate to secure legal assistance immediately.

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advocate for your rights in the face of any deportation threat.

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